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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Feb. 3: Kyle Jones

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! For me that means watching the mighty Raptors then taking a nap while all that football nonsense is on TV. But our guest tonight – Kyle Jones – is totally into it. In fact, he and Dino Archie are running some kind of public Super Bowl party so no doubt he'll show up to the show tonight hammered. And won't that be fun? Either that or a disaster. But that can be fun, too.

This is Kyle's first time on the program. I don't know him well so this will be a good chance to fill in the blanks. And who knows, maybe his buddy Dino Archie will show up, too. It's non-stop hot sexy fun coming your way all night long. Or at least until midnight. The big question: Will Kyle be sporting his comfy sweater?

So tune in tonight at 11 pm to CFRO, 100.5 FM, for the festivities. Livestream, if you must, at coop

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Anonymous said...

Funny funny guy.....need to c him in person! Luv u....Grace