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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb. 10: Gerry Swallow

Swallow between William Shatner and Jay Leno
The last time Gerry Swallow sat down in the swank What's So Funny? studios was in 2005. What's he done since then? He's written a couple of movies (The Babymakers and Ice Age: The Meltdown) and penned three novels (A Whole Nother Story, Another Whole Nother Story, and No Other Story, all under his alter ego's name, Dr. Cuthbert Soup). And there's probably more I don't know about. The guy is a machine.

Quitting standup has been very good for him, it appears. And he was damn good at standup, believe me. He did The Tonight Show with Jay Leno five times (as you can see by the photographic evidence above). And I recently found online video evidence of his appearances on the ubiquitous Evening at the Improv from back in the day, but unfortunately we can't watch those segments outside of the United States. Maybe one day he'll hop back on the stage to show the young tykes how it's done.

So while I can't find any clips of his former career, here's a funny spot he did on the Today show with Al Roker. But tonight we'll talk about so much more. And for so much longer. Tune in at 11 pm PST to 100.5 FM in Vancouver for the fun and games, or livestream the show at

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