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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Podcast episode 304ish: Monica Hamburg

I had a good time talking with the Vulgarian Monica Hamburg. Or I mean Hungarian. Actually, both. She's one of the hosts of the Dazed and Convicted podcast and a self-described "weirdo magnet." In an earlier post, I wrote about her morbid fascination with porn. Find out if I was out of line in writing that (hint: she once worked as a projectionist in a porno theatre/bakery in her hometown of Montreal.) We also play a few clips from her show. Given its name, it's perhaps no wonder the podcast is a hit in Australia.

Have a listen right here or download it however you choose to. Personally, I use iTunes, but whatever works for you.

1 comment:

Monica Hamburg said...

Cheers, Guy! It was good for me too. ;)