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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Apr. 14: Matt Davis

Tonight on What's So Funny? we bring a touch of the old south to Canadian radio. Alabama-born and -bred stand-up comic Matt Davis. Matt was playing Laffline's Comedy Club out in New Westminster last weekend so I made the trek out to the Royal City to talk to him. And what a wide-ranging talk it was. After our hour was up, we walked up the street to a coffee shop and continued for another hour talking about politics, philosophy and sociology. The guy is extremely well read. You might think that's unnecessary for a guy who's known as a dirty comic, but the broad base of knowledge informs his jokes. As Dave Attell said of him, "He's funny, filthy, dirty, but smart funny, filthy, dirty." Or as noted, "Matt Davis is like the Leonardo Da Vinci of cock jokes."

So join us tonight at 11 pm PST. You know where to find us: 100.5 FM or livestream at And as always, if you miss it, we got you covered. It'll be available in podcast format next week. We'll keep you posted.

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