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Saturday, May 4, 2013

May 5: Shaun Majumder

We've got a(n) historic episode of What's So Funny? tomorrow night (or Sunday, May 5, to make it clearer). Yesterday afternoon (i.e. Friday) I sat down with Shaun Majumder and recorded an hour of fun conversation as only Majumder can deliver. Why historic, you ask? Because this Canadian comedy veteran has never done a podcast before. Can you believe it? I guess he's been too busy with all his other projects: touring Canada with his stand-up act, producing and starring in the reality series Majumder Manor, writing movie projects for himself and his lovely bride Shelby Fenner, acting in any prime time TV series with numbers in the title, like Detroit 1-8-7 and 24 in the US, or This Hour Has 22 Minutes in Canada. But he made time for us. We're glad to have popped his podcast cherry.

So tune in at 11 pm PST for this unique experience. We're at 100.5 FM in Vancouver, or you can livestream us at And if those options aren't to your liking, wait a week and you can download the podcast on iTunes.

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