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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Podcast episode 318ish: Kevin Foxx

Here's a fun episode. Yes, it's a little late and all the plugs contained herein are old, but it's a lively one. Partly because Kevin Foxx gives me the gears throughout. (That's what the kids say, isn't it?: give someone the gears?) In this episode, Foxxy and my manservant, Kevin Smith, tease me about the show's Canadian Comedy Awards nomination for Best Podcast (vote here... please!), he tries (in vain) to explain astrology, talks about starting out in comedy and teaching it now (contact for details on upcoming classes), and he sets the record for most number of c-words dropped in an episode. Oh, and do yourself a favour and follow Kevin on Twitter at @MrKevinFoxx. He's got the highest batting average in the Twitterverse.

Here you go. Click below or go download it at iTunes.

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