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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aug. 4: Steve Bays

Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat
Our summer hiatus is over! After a guest-less July, we're back bigger and better than ever. For tonight anyway. After that, we're taking another break until September as I go away and trusty manservant takes over the controls.

Steve Bays
of Fur Trade
But tonight, if we remember how, we'll talk to old pal Steve Bays, which will mark his third solo appearance on the show. Last year, if memory serves, was an extend-o episode that ran nearly two hours (it was edited down slightly for the podcast). We'll see what happens tonight. We've got lots to talk about with the release of new recordings from his three bands: Hot Hot Heat, Fur Trade, and the Mounties (or is it just Mounties? we'll find out tonight, I guess). Can't this man stick with one band? Maybe we'll brainstorm some ideas for future band names. He's also a big comedy fan so we'll see what he's been listening to and watching lately.
Steve Bays, right, of Mounties

As I sit here at the Hillcrest Community Centre electronically scribbling this blog post, the concession blasts a familiar voice through the speakers, although it's a song I haven't heard before. I ask the nice Russian lady if she knows who's playing. She glances down and responds, "Yes, it's Hot Hot Heat." Kismet, baby.

The show gets started at 11pm(ish) on CFRO, 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Outside the city? No worries. We've got you covered. Livestream the show at

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