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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dec. 15: Marion Grodin

Tonight on radio we've got the only guest, so far as I know, who was told to get into standup by none other than Robert DeNiro. Not sure any other guest we've had can claim that. Or anyone else, period. Marion Grodin was in town in support of her book Standing Up: A Memoir of a Funny (Not Always) Life, where she talks about overcoming such hurdles as drug addiction, divorce, cancer, growing into her own person, and growing up the daughter of a celebrity. Okay, that last one was pretty sweet as her dad is the great actor, and hilarious dude, Charles Grodin. With a father like him, it's no wonder she got into standup comedy. We'll cover all those topics tonight.

It all starts at 11 pm PT on CFRO, Vancouver Co-op Radio 100.5 FM. If you're outside the city, you can livestream us at Or you can simply wait a week and download the podcast when it comes out (and good news: we're back on iTunes!).

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