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Monday, February 10, 2014

Podcast episode 337ish: Peter Carlone & Chris Wilson

Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson have been making sweet comedy together since graduating from theatre school together. Pete gave himself top billing in the name Peter'N'Chris but Chris has responded by moving to Toronto. But they're together on this episode. They're also our first guests of 2014 and it was my first time meeting them. They tell us about their failed auditions for theatre school, how they create sketches together across 3000 miles and Skype, and they brainstorm a documentary tentatively called Pete'N'Chris and the Search for MacGuffin. There was also talk of VaSkeFe, aka Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival, which has since ended. But the troupes we talked about are still going at it somewhere so it's still relevant.

Have a listen below or download it at iTunes, Stitcher, PodcastLand, or wherever you can find it.

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