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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Podcast episode 344ish: Ross Dauk

In this episode, long-time listener Ross Dauk makes the big move up to first-time guest. He tells us that he used to listen to What's So Funny? while out alone in the woods working as a park ranger. Now Ranger Ross is a standup comic. We reminisce about the night when he spilled a full glass of beer on me at a show, he tells us that Saskatchewan – his home province – is full of babes, relives his encounters with grizzy bears in the wild, and explains how he overcame shyness. This episode is brought to you by Graham Clark's beard.

Have a listen here. It's even up at the iTunes store (that's record time for them – they obviously were getting a lot of requests for more Dauk). And, of course, you can always use Stitcher or PodcastLand, too.

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