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Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 27: Gerry Swallow

Ever since opening up in the brand-spanking new Co-op Radio studios, we've only had brand-spanking new guests to What's So Funny? Tonight marks the first repeat guest. So that's a first, too, in a way. Screenwriter, novelist and former standup comic Gerry Swallow has been with us twice before but – and here's another first – both times my manservant Kevin has been absent. So tonight will be the first time all three of us are in studio together. Gerry's in town working on a movie. Maybe we'll find out about it tonight.

Gerry has written such Hollywood vehicles as Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, The Babymakers, Black Knight, and Say It Isn't So. As a novelist (under his nom de plume Dr. Cuthbert Soup), Swallow has written A Whole Nother Story, Another Whole Nother Story, and No Other Story. And he's got a book called Krool coming out on Bloomsbury in 2015 under his real name. As a standup, Swallow was a nationally touring headliner throughout the US, did The Tonight Show with Jay Leno five times, Evening at the Improv a few times, and his first TV gig was Almost Live! with Ross Shafer. One day he'll get back up on that stage. Soon? One hopes.

Tune in tonight at 11 pm to 100.5 FM in Vancouver. Or livestream us at

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