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Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 6: Fred Ewanuick

The ageless Fred Ewanuick
We've got a real, live cartoon as our guest tonight. Fred Ewanuick (pronounced: Fred) is one of the stars of Corner Gas Animated. His last visit with us, he was a mere mortal, having starred for x-number of seasons (google it!) on the original Corner Gas series and feature film, as well as his own sitcom, Dan For Mayor. We'll see what life is like as a cartoon character and how the animated Hank is different from the live version. I bet he appreciates not having to shower or shave. And I think he's naturally an animated character so it was probably an easy transition for him. We had a fun conversation when he was first here 15 months ago. I believe we sat in different rooms then. This time around, I'll allow him to sit in the same room as me. He's earned my trust. And Sam Tonning will be here this time, so that'll add even more to the good times.

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