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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Podcast episode 371ish: Matt Besser

Here's our Christmas present to you: Matt Besser talking comedy (and music) on What's So Funny? Mostly comedy, though, because that's what he does best. Besser is an improviser, actor and standup comic who also happened to cofound UCB Theatre. He tells us here why "if then" is better than "yes and," explains why they don't pay performers, and throws out more sports analogies than cheerleader throws out t-shirts from a cannon. We reminisce about Steve Martin and Andy Kaufman. And I stick my big foot in my big mouth on the subject of Tim Meadows.

So start opening this gift by clicking on the gizmo below. Should that not work for you, you can always find us at all the usual podcast repositories like iTunes, Stitcher, PodcastLand, etc. etc.

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