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Friday, February 24, 2017

Podcast episode 446ish: Fred Ewanuick

Professional pretender Fred Ewanuick teaches me how to pronounce his name and then we get on with it, in this latest podcast episode of the hit show What's So Funny? He also tells us he's more than a professional pretender; he's also a voice prop. His words, people! In reality, he's one of Canada's finest comedic thespians. You know him and love him as Hank on Corner Gas. He talks about that, and about his regrets in his starring turn in Dan For Mayor. We also delve into his years as a bad theatre student and his time performing improv at his mom's coffee shop.

And away we go! You can listen here and now, or go find us on iTunes or Stitcher or some such place. If you subscribe at one of those places, new episodes will just pop up on your device when they come out. How convenient.

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