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Monday, October 30, 2017

Podcast episode 467ish: Leland Klassen

Our old pal Leland Klassen returns for his third go-round on What's So Funny? even though he only remembers doing one of them before. I guess that's what it's like when you're a big-time movie star – you forget the little people. I always enjoy talking with Leland and this episode was no exception. We talked about his feature film Extraordinary, in which he is the star. That's right, the star. And this is a heavy-duty dramatic role. He plays an ultra-marathoner with the biggest hands you've ever seen... No, wait. I'm conflating his role with his standup (and his actual hands). He'll explain it all here for you. He tells us what it's like working with Kirk Cameron, about the perils of running and running around America, and getting mistakenly handcuffed by the authorities.

Enjoy! You can listen with the gizmo below, or search out What's So Funny? on iTunes or Stitcher or in the podcast aisle of your favourite podcast emporium.

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