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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Podcast episode 513ish: Ari Matti

We've got an international episode of What's So Funny? for you. In this one, our guest is Ari Matti from Tallinn, Estonia. Ari's been in Vancouver working on his English standup. You can hear his English is pretty good. And he knows all the swear words! He also throws in some Finnish and Estonian here, so we expect our European numbers to skyrocket. Matti talks about the burgeoning standup scene in Estonia, and his own evolution as a performer.

Listen to the episode below or go download it on iTunes or Stitcher or some other podcast place. If you're in Estonia (or Finland or Poland...) give us a rating and leave a comment! And spread the word. We could become the most popular Vancouver-based podcast in all of Eastern Europe!

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