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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct. 4: David Fine

I've got more on the Canadian Comedy Awards, but bear with me. Today was a travel day. That one-hour drive from Saint John to Fredericton was gruelling so it'll have to wait until the morrow.

Meanwhile, I wanted to mention that even without me, the show must go on. And so What's So Funny? airs a brand new episode tonight in my absence. Canadian Comedy Award nominee Ian Boothby will take over the hosting duties. His guest will be Oscar winner David Fine. And yes, by Oscar, we're talking Academy Awards. I'm sure Fine will lord it over Boothby and his measly Canadian Comedy Award nomination. Fine won for his work creating Bob & Margaret. It should be a fun and fascinating hour of scintillating conversation. So tune in.

Next week, my travels will keep me away again, but I've lined up two people to replace me. Shaun Stewart and Eric Fell will grill improviser Pearce Visser. Then I'll be back the following week with interviews with Jon Dore and Harry Doupe. And the week after that we'll have Mark Breslin for a full hour.

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