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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oct. 12: Chris Molineux

Vancouver's a relatively small comedy community. So it's no surprise that I know many of the guests we have on, to varying degrees. Not all, though. Some of my favourite shows are when I literally meet the guest the moment they walk in the studio. I usually find these shows... invigorating?... challenging? I can't think of the word, but I enjoy them. I have to be a little bit sharper, maybe, because I've never met the person before and we don't have a chemistry (whatever it may be) to fall back on. They don't know what to expect and neither do I.

This week we've got Chris Molineux on for his first appearance with us. Prior to a few weeks ago, I had never met the man. I had seen him perform over the years, but never spoken to him. Then, midway through September, a familiar-looking face showed up in my driveway for a garage sale. It took me a second to place him (I'm horrible with out-of-context faces), but I eventually said, "Chris Molineux?" He had no idea who I was, of course. But we talked and agreed that he should come on the show. So this will be the second time we've ever spoken. I'll learn along with you about him. (Listening information is located in the right margin.)

Meanwhile, hey, how well do I know my audience?! Huh? I predicted a whopping six people would partake in the latest survey, Funny/Not Funny. And that's exactly where we are. Now, I realize there are, as of this writing, still two days left of voting, but I have confidence you won't ruin my Nostradamus-like predictions.

In other news, we booked another guest the other day. Darcy Michael will be making his third appearance with us on December 7. Our dance card is filling up... Yes, you heard me: dance card. I'm 96 years old, alright? Now run along, you scallywags. This butter sure ain't gonna churn itself.

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Anonymous said...

Talk hard! You're like the Christian Slater of indie comedy radio shows.