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Friday, October 24, 2008

October 26: Darren Frost

I don't know how many of you caught last week's two-hour Lenny Bruce extravaganza, but I personally learned something. I learned that I like Lenny Bruce. Not the reputation or the legend or the "importance" of Lenny Bruce, but Lenny Bruce the comedian. Who knew? While not all of his stuff translates to modern ears, much of it does. Thanks to Steve Bowell for putting together a great show.

I saw three former What's So Funny? guests at Yuk Yuk's tonight. Dan Quinn hosted, Darcy Michael featured, and Darren Frost headlined. It was a strong show throughout, I thought. I heard new - and funny - material from all three comics, which is always a plus for someone who sees as much comedy as I do.

The Toronto-based Frost always makes the time to do our little show each time he passes through Vancouver. This week is no exception. And what a fitting follow-up to last week's program because Frost certainly inhabits the spirit of Lenny Bruce. Their styles are nowhere near similar, but Frost, like Bruce, likes to take the audience to places that they maybe don't want to visit. He has progressive views that certainly no one would get offended by, yet he approaches the topics (from Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears to gay bashing and the Greyhound bus beheader) sideways, which occassionally lands him in hot water. Okay, more than occassionally. I think he likes that, though. It gives him one more thing to vent about. We'll ask him all about it on Sunday.

Next week, one of my all-time favourite Vancouver comics, Kevin Foxx. Looking forward to that one.

THIS JUST IN: The Christmas corporate season just stole one of our guests. Kevin Foxx is no longer available next week so we'll reschedule him. Stay posted to this space for further developments.


Anonymous said...

I performed for the first time with Darren at Yuk's on Wed. Interesting to note his off-stage personality was entirely approachable, friendly...unlike the 'offensive or angry comic', which some have described him on stage.

Something to be valued.

Anonymous said...

I would guess that a lot of comics would have a different on stage persona than their real life persona. No?? I hear some of them aren't even funny off stage.