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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan. 17: Mike Storck (probably)

Hello good people of Blogland. I bet you're wondering who the guest is tonight, aren't you? So am I, frankly. I have a strong feeling it will be Baltimore native, Mike Storck, who performed at Lafflines this weekend. I dropped him an e-mail yesterday (I like to plan ahead) asking if he'd like to be on the show. Then I was out in Chilliwack all afternoon watching a community theatre presentation of Willy Wonka (now I know where Charlie Bucket and Veruca Salt come from!). I got home to a message from Mike saying he'd love to be on the show. At press time (i.e. right now, 7:30) we're in a game of e-mail tag. But as Charlie Bucket likes to say, you've got to be optimistic.

But, hey, next week... Check out who we have on next Sunday! None other than Paul Provenza, the director of The Aristocats.

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