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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jan. 24: The Comedy Roundtable returns

It's been a while since we've used the comedy roundtable format. I don't know why. But when Paul Provenza wrote to say he had to postpone his appearance on What's So Funny? another week, a lightbulb went on over my head. The comedy roundtable!, my brain told myself. It is time. Especially given the fact that Conan O'Brien's version of The Tonight Show went off the air on Friday after only seven months on the air and everyone seems to have an opinion on it (I've yet to meet or hear of anyone who's pro-Leno). So I organized a top-notch panel for you. Ian Boothby, Sean Proudlove and Jane Stanton will be in studio while SGU Stargate Universe's Peter Kelamis will be weighing in from La-La Land, where he currently resides. We'll sit around and chew the fat on this momentous situation as well as whatever else we think of. If you want to join in, give us a call between 11 and midnight at 604-684-7561.

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