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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Episode 183ish: Ian Bagg

It doesn't happen often, but from time to time a comic will ask me not to run a particular episode he was on. Apparently my Svengali-like powers get them to open up a little more than they'd like. This was the case with Ian Bagg, who dropped by the studio last Sunday night. Well, my powers and the fact he had been celebrating the gold medal hockey game since noon that day. Thanks to the miracle of editing, I don't have to lose the whole show. A simple snip here and there and presto, another gold star broadcasting event. So this particular podcast episode is a little shorter than most but it's still damn entertaining. That Bagg character is a funny guy with lots to say. We talk about his recent "deportation" from his home in Los Angeles, starting out in Vancouver, and why he doesn't feel accepted in his home and native land, among other things.

While in town, Ian has been playing the local rooms so I took the chance to see him at the Kingston on Thursday night. He headlined, as can be expected considering the guy has some major credits to his name (Conan, Leno, etc.) It was a smallish crowd and he was expected to go 30 minutes. But he gave everyone there their five bucks' worth, going 75 minutes. And there wasn't a lull anywhere along the way.

As usual, you can listen here to the podcast, or get it at iTunes (where I'm sure you'll give us a rating and a comment, right?!):

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed that one. Great job, and I'm gonna have to check him out while he's still around.