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Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7: Carter Hortie

If they handed out Oscars for the best name in comedy, Carter Hortie would surely be nominated. I've never asked him if that's his real name, but I will tonight. Carter's been with us once before, back in May 2005 so no doubt we'll have plenty to talk about. Hortie and Patrick Maliha are organizing a fundraiser for the homeless planned for April 16th at the Legion on Commercial Drive. They hope to do one a month at different locations across Vancouver. This first one will go to the Union Gospel Mission Soup Kitchen and the following one to the Vancouver Foodbank's meal delivery program. So there's that to discuss. And we'll figure out some other things before now and tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Every year I look forwards to the Oscars being snubbed on your show. That'll teach them for dismissing Citizen Kane! Although I was kind of hoping District 9 would get some recognition. Oh well. At least they mentioned it on The Office.