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Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11: Doug Stanhope & Neil Hamburger

I've got two of the greats on the show tonight. Separately, though. And on tape (or its digital equivalent). I spoke to Neil Hamburger on June 30 and Doug Stanhope on Friday. Each interview was conducted by phone and each is about 30 minutes long so that'll fill up the hour. Hamburger played the Biltmore yesterday. Unfortunately I was out of town so I missed the show but I'm sure it was a classic, just like the man himself. Stanhope will play The Bourbon on July 25. There's no way I'm missing that show.

The interviews were for print, which is a bit of a different animal. The exchange is slightly different and the types of questions are, too, for some reason. But I think you'll enjoy them. Now I just have to figure out which to play first. I think I'll lead with Stanhope and let Hamburger carry us out. Unless there's an outcry for the other way around in the comments section. I'm easy. And unpredictable. So you'll just have to tune in at 11 p.m. to find out.

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