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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yet another local makes good

Just last week we had news that Vancouver's Lachlan Patterson (two-time guest on What's So Funny?) made his Tonight Show debut with a solid stand-up set. This week we get news that our very own Phil Hanley (three-time guest on WSF?) will make his debut on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tomorrow night. That'd be Friday, Feb. 18. Set your PVRs, folks. Phil is hilarious.

The Ferguson show has been kind to Vancouver comics. Todd Allen (three-time guest on WSF?) and Larke Miller (recent guest on WSF?) have both done sets on the CBS late-night talk show. (Am I missing anyone?) These are all comics you can see around town at various clubs, restaurants, bars and anywhere fine comedy is served. So often John and Jane Q. Public only get out to see celebrity comics who have been validated by the power of TV, preferably American TV. Well, they're here all around you. Go check 'em out sometime. Who will be the next?

THIS JUST IN: Uh, never mind. Phil just posted on his Facebook page this note:
"Hey everybody thanks again for all your comments. I just found out that because something unexpected happened at tonights taping my set won't air tomorrow. I'll keep you posted."
That's a shame but it doesn't change what I wrote above. We'll keep you posted when his set is due to air.

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