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Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12: Peter New & Ken Hegan

Tonight we've got a couple of very funny non-standup comedians on the show. Peter New has been on before back on... let me check... Boxing Day of 2004! Good lord, what have I been waiting for? And Ken Hegan has never been on. In fact, we've never met, but his reputation precedes him.

I first knew of Peter as a sketch actor with Long Hard Comedy Rocket. He's returned to his sketch comedy roots recently by shooting a number of shorts with his new troupe, The Legend of Bonefish. And he's done a ton of other acting, some of which we may even talk about tonight.

Ken is a travel writer, screenwriter and director who also happens to be the city's only Bruins fan and revels in it. At least until tomorrow night. Read all about it on his website, He's written for Rolling Stone and GQ, among other cool publications. He also may or may not be a billionaire playboy who solves baffling crimes in his spare time.

So what do these two have to do with each other? Ken has used Peter's considerable acting chops in three of his short films which have played both the LA Short Films Festival and Tribeca Film Fest. They recently travelled together to the City of Angels and wrote about it for

So tune in tonight at 11 o'clock. CFRO 102.7 FM or livestream it at at Or if that time doesn't suit you, just wait till the podcast drops next week. We've got you covered.

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