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Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5: Andrew Barber

Surely by now all of you have seen these viral videos:

And this one:

We've got the one and only Boston Bruins' fan Greg on the show tonight... Except that he's just a character. One of many spot-on characters from the mind of Vancouver's Andrew Barber. When I watched the second video last night, it slowly dawned on me who it was. And a little internet sleuthing confirmed my suspicions. So I immediately reached out to him, introduced myself and asked him to come on the show tonight. He responded in the affirmative (obviously) and informed me that he had been on the show before. Oops. Hey, in my defense, I've been doing this a long time and can't be expected to remember all my past guests. Besides, he was on the record-setting show when we had seven (7) guests at once, all from the Urban Improv crew. But he's all alone tonight. Well, him and whoever else his mind creates. Should be a good one. 11 pm. You know the drill.

Check out some of Andrew's other personas:

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