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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Podcast episode 236ish: Andrew Barber

One week ago tonight, we had the infamous "Boston Bruins' fan Greg" on the show. The Canucks led 2-0 and, since he's really life-long Canucks fan/comedian Andrew Barber, he was quite happy about the turn of events. I suggested he might need to figure out a plan for if the Bruins come back and win it all. Andrew couldn't even fathom such a scenario. Cut to: Boston. The local heroes get outscored 12-1 and the series is tied at 2 games apiece. Back to Vancouver they go, where the Canuckleheads squeeze out a victory before heading back to Beantown. If for no other reason that seeing Barber sweat it out, I'd love a Bruins victory tomorrow.

In the meantime, while you're waiting for tonight's live episode to air, why not go back in time one week to that magical feeling you had when the Canucks were on their way to a sweep, and listen to Andrew Barber talk about the whole experience as a despised celebrity about time. Good times.

Yes, thanks to modern technology, you can do that right here right now. This gizmo below will play last week's show for you in perpetuity. Or simply head over to iTunes and download it to your podcast device.

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Anonymous said...

I encouraged a hockey-following friend of mine to check out the youtube video for Boston Greg. Of course that was before the shit hit the fan... One thing though, I see on the BBC website a reference to a couple photographed kissing in the middle of the riot. Apparently it was a visiting Australian named Scott Jones who's trying out some stand up comedy while in Canada. Hmm.