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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 is all done

Someone asked me on Sunday how many shows we do a year. I've never counted. We don't have a season with set holidays. We just play it by ear. I just book as many Sundays as I can and away we go. But it got me thinking. When asked, I guessed we probably do 40-45 weeks a year. That is, shows with guests. The other weeks we either run comedy clips or a repeat episode. (And, okay, we're pre-empted 2-3 times a year.)

So I did the math. In 2011 we did 44 shows with 55 guests (or 53 unique guests as two were on twice). Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. How does this compare? Well, I'm not about to count every year we've been on since 2004, but I did the past three years. In 2010, we had guests on 38 times, while in 2009 we spoke to comics 42 times. That's a lot of hours of chit-chat with comedians.

I'd like to thank this year's guests for taking time out of their busy Sunday late-night schedules to talk to me for an hour (listed in order of appearance):
  1. Mike Storck
  2. Paul Anthony
  3. Larke Miller
  4. Craig Campbell
  5. Phil Nichol
  6. Pete Johansson
  7. Ryan Hamilton
  8. Johnny Scoop
  9. Marke Driesschen
  10. Paul Myerhaug
  11. Sunee Dhaliwal
  12. Lisa Lampanelli
  13. Chris Porter
  14. Steve Bays (twice)
  15. Dylan Rhymer
  16. Toby Hargraves
  17. Chuck Byrn
  18. Kyle Bottom
  19. Scott McLean
  20. James Danderfer
  21. Sam Easton
  22. Bill Reiter
  23. Richard Lett
  24. Sara Bynoe
  25. Andrew Barber
  26. Peter New
  27. Ken Hegan
  28. Nathan Burton
  29. Mac King
  30. Lorne Cardinal
  31. Monique Hurteau
  32. Graham Clark
  33. Dave Shumka
  34. Brian McKim
  35. Dave Burleigh
  36. Roy Zimmerman
  37. Larry Miller
  38. Marcus Ryan
  39. Blaine Thurier
  40. Tanyalee Davis
  41. Adam Pateman
  42. Kaitlin Fontana
  43. Dino Archie (twice)
  44. Diana Frances
  45. Ken Lawson
  46. Sean Emeny
  47. Steve Burgess
  48. Chris Gaskin
  49. Jason Bryden
  50. Bob Robertson
  51. Linda Cullen
  52. Paul Shirley
  53. Harry Doupe
If you missed any of them, they're all available in podcast form at iTunes! Merry Christmas!

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