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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dec. 11: Dino Archie interviews... me?

Yes, it's true. A month or so Dino Archie told me he wanted to interview me on the show. I laughed it off, saying I appreciated the sentiment but nobody would be interested. Hell, I'm barely interested. But he was adamant. Several weeks ago I ran into him again and he hadn't let go of the idea. We had such a good rapport his first time on the show, and he let me tease him mercilessly for cancelling on me twice before, I agreed to his crazy pitch. I figure I can make fun of his questions as we go along and we'll have a grand old time. I'm not going to do a bit of work on this one. I'll show up and let Dino run the show and see what he's made of. That is, if he shows up!

I even made him write a blurb for the blog. So here's Dino:
Tonight we're gonna mix it up a bit. For the first time critic for the Georgia Straight and host of What's So Funny Guy MacPherson will be answering the questions. And guest host Los Angeles comedian Dino Archie will be jamming him up. The LA transplant was a recent guest and one hour wasn't enough. Now it's time to ask Guy the question all comics want to know: What the hell is his problem? Should be interesting, should be funny. Check it out!
Tonight at 11 pm on CFRO 102.7 in Vancouver, or livestream it at

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