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Monday, December 19, 2011

Podcast episode 259ish: Dino Archie and me

I had a good chat with Dino Archie. But in reverse fashion since he was the one doing the asking. Or more like grilling. He asked me about not writing enough about locals, about the perception of favouritism and if it's true I'm hard to work with. The guy's got a future when Mike Wallace retires. But it was fun.

Have a listen here or download it at iTunes. Even though I list it here as episode 259, that's not how it's listed there since they have the most recent episode as 1. So if you're coming to this after the fact, just do a search for Dino Archie. Or better yet, just subscribe to the damn thing!

Seeing as this episode was all about me, I couldn't very well make a video snippet of it. So instead I dipped into the mouldie-oldie podcast vault and pulled out a show from December 18, 2005 when Brent Butt guested. I mentioned this episode with Dino so it's somewhat relevant. It's one of my faves, too, so if you've never heard it, and you like what you see below, go download the whole thing at iTunes.

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