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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oct. 28: Myq Kaplan

If you dig far enough back in this blog, you'll find a weekly overview of NBC's Last Comic Standing, where I unleashed my snark. Sitting in the comfort of my living room, talking about comedians a world away, to my teensy reading audience, I figured it would go unnoticed by anyone directly involved.

I was wrong. Turns out the worldwide web is available to anyone.

Last week I visited Myq Kaplan's hotel room while he was in town performing at the Comedy MIX. I'd never met the guy before, or even seen him live. I knew he was in that season of Last Comic Standing, and had seen him on various late night talk shows, but that's about it. I think you can see where this is headed.

Turns out Myq read those blog entries that year. When he told me, I had completely forgotten what I had written. Was it good or bad? I had no idea! Tune in to What's So Funny? tonight at 11 pm PDT to find out. Listen as I squirm in anticipation as he quotes from it. Good times!

But that's not all we talked about. There was talk about his own new podcast, Hang Out With Me, on the CoolSuperCool network. He made a passionate case for free speech vis a vis the Daniel Tosh brouhaha. He shared his experience facing Marc Maron on WTF. And he mustered up the energy to talk about his veganism.

Plus lots more as it ran 1 hour 21 minutes. So tune in to 100.5 FM in Vancouver tonight at 11pm or livestream the show at If you're new to the show, it'll be available as a podcast on iTunes and elsewhere next Sunday. That's how we roll.

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