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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oct. 7: Tim Rykert

Tonight on What's So Funny? we're thankful for Tim Rykert, who either had no Thanksgiving dinner to go to or left one early to be with us. He lives on the island now and is here for work so maybe he's going turkey-less. Tim is a guy with strong opinions and I love hearing them, whether we agree or not. Tonight we'll talk about Canadian TV, cruise ship gigs, comedy competitions and, of course, find out about his gig writing for Michael Bublé's, uh, Canadian TV special.

When you wake up from your post-meal tryptophan nap, you can loosen your belt and tune in to 100.5 FM here in Vancouver at 11 pm, or livestream the show at

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gotta say Tim is on the mark with the screwed up Canadian media / arts funding. When great Canadian shows succeed it's DESPITE the involvement of some jingoistic comittee, not because of it. We're 1 tenth the size of the US but our output is 1 one hundredth. Does Game of Thrones scream US? Nope. Of course as a good interviewer you gotta play devil's advocate so I respect that. Wish I could find your phone number to call in now, dang...