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Thursday, January 10, 2013

This week in stand-up

Gotta love this thriving comedy scene in Vancouver. Not only can you see fantastic locals any night of the week at various rooms around the city working on their craft, but they're also employed by the three area clubs in both headlining and support roles. This weekend you'll see visiting acts at the clubs, but all buttressed by quality locals. To whit:

Comedy MIX, tonight thru Saturday:
MC: Graham Clark
Feature: Jeremy Essig
Headliner: Brian Posehn

Yuk Yuk's, tonight thru Saturday:
MC: Jared Borland
Middle: Katie-Ellen Humphries
Headliner: Paul Myrehaug

Laffline's, tonight:
Pro-Am host: Jy Harris

Laffline's, Friday & Saturday:
Headliner: Paul Hooper
Features: Jy Harris, Kyle Jones

If you time it right, you can catch every single one of these shows. I hope to.

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