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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mar. 31: Karen O'Keefe

Happy Easter. I've got to work off this sugar high, so the show is a go tonight. Karen O'Keefe is in town and will make her What's So Funny? debut tonight. In fact, it was O'Keefe's first ever working weekend in Vancouver, so what better way to commemorate this auspicious occasion than with an appearance on Canada's favourite comedy-based radio show-slash-podcast? (I figure if I describe it that way, it might come true.) What do I know of Ms. O'Keefe? I know she lives in Toronto, got started in Alberta, and grew up in one of the territories. I know she went to Catholic school. I know she's a tall drink of water. And if I'm wrong on any of those, we'll find out tonight.


So join us, will ya? It's a holiday tomorrow, kind of. Live a little on a Sunday night. We're on the air from 11(ish) to midnight(ish) PST on CFRO, 100.5 FM, in Vancouver. If you're far, far away, you can always livestream the show at And if you absolutely can't tune in tonight, the episode will be available as a podcast next week(ish).

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