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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Podcast episode 307ish: Dino Archie & Sunee Dhaliwal

Here's one of the liveliest episodes we've had. Dino Archie invited along his good buddy Sunee Dhaliwal at the last minute and the two of them left me in the dust. Sunee would help things along by translating Dino's hip street talk to old white guy so I could understand. Along the way, Dino emotes like a true thespian for any casting agents who might be listening, Sunee tells the story of a time when he innocently used a racial epithet by accident, and I talk about getting dunked on by Alonzo Bodden. It's three dudes enjoying each other's company... pause. (Did I do that right?)

Have a listen below or go download it at iTunes. It'll do your heart good. If you don't see a player below, click on this link for the stream.

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