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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nov. 10: Ian Harris

Everyone get your thinking caps on. Tonight we've got LA-based comedian Ian Harris on. We recorded our chat in his hotel room a couple weeks ago when he performed at Yuk Yuk's. It was his first time performing in the Great White North. We talked about how he's transitioned from being basically an impressionist (with a wide variety of seldom-heard voices) to an issues-based comic. And the issues he talks about are all centred around critical thinking, be it ghosts, alternative medicine, or religion. We get into all those topics tonight.

We go to air at 11 pm PT on CFRO, 100.5 FM, in Vancouver. You can livestream us at Or simply wait a week for the podcast version to hit the newsstand.


Anonymous said...

Excellent show! Reminded me of when I went to the 1996 San Diego comic con (couldn't afford the entrance fee so I volunteered, literally donated blood to get in) and met a guy who had a bunch of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 props. He made some comment about how you can get AIDS by shaking hands so I called him a fucking moron, embarresed the hell out of everyone I was with. Good times. Hey I'll see you at that fundraiser on the 22nd right?


Guy MacPherson said...

Thanks, Jude! And yes, I hope you're at the fundraiser. Spread the word.