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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Podcast episode 331ish: Ian Harris

Attention skeptics: Your comedy leader is here. We talked to standup comic Ian Harris recently about all your favourite topics: psychics, ghosts, UFOs, religion... You know, all the usual suspects a rational thinker loves to wrap his mind around. The LA-based Harris has only relatively recently decided to dedicated his standup act to rationality. As we hear, he used to be known primarily as an impressionist. And he did plenty of obscure voices. But no more. That takes discipline, knowing he can kill with a voice but chooses not to.

Have a listen. But there's a hitch. You know how every week I point you to the link below, then iTunes, and finally wherever fine podcasts are housed? Well, at some point last week we've disappeared from iTunes. We're too hot for iTunes apparently. But we have our people looking into it and hopefully soon we'll be back with all our 331 episodes (and counting). Meanwhile, let's search for some other links to our show... How about Yeah, there it is! And of course, the originator, So there are still options. Meanwhile, start here:

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