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Monday, September 1, 2014

Podcast episode 354ish: Chris Gordon

Hey, kids. I've got a new episode of What's So Funny? for you right here. And it's a fun one. Infuriating if you've got somewhere to go, but fun nonetheless. It was the episode that never ended. Yes, it eventually ends, but you get the idea. If you make a drinking game out it and take a swig every time I try to draw it to a close, you'll be passed out before we get there.

It was an interesting night. Usually when I record a remote interview, we go to a vacant club, or a hotel room, or a hotel conference room, or even my car. Calgary's Chris Gordon was eager to do the show, but didn't have a place where we could record. I met him after his show at the Comedy MIX. We hit the streets looking for a place and settled in across the street at the Wall Centre. We got the go-ahead from the front desk to sit in the lobby and do our chat. No sooner did we sit down and hit record than a live band piped up behind us. No worries. It's great ambience, even if the band over-used what we called a "dream machine" for lack of knowledge on its real name. Then halfway through a burly security guard approaches and tells us we're not permitted to record there for the obvious reason that, um... no reason. But we kept it rolling and strode out the revolving doors to the great outdoors, where we plopped down immediately to finish our conversation. Eventually.

Here it is for you. Click below. If you don't see what I'm talking about, chances are you're on your phone. Get off your phone, get yourself to a computer, and you'll see it. Of course, you can always subscribe at iTunes or Stitcher or PodcastLand. If this particular episode isn't there yet, it will be very soon. And then there's Comedy Couch, which is where they're all housed and available for your inspection.

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