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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Podcast episode 357ish: Darcy Michael

It's always fun having Darcy Michael guest on the show. This marks his fifth appearance. Glad he still has time for the little people now that he's a big star. He's on a prime time network sitcom, afterall. Sure, it's Canadian, but it's still something. Michael stars as the lovable goof Gordon in CTV's Spun Out, which also stars Dave Foley. Darcy talks about all he's got on the go, from getting recognized on public transit, to doing standup, competitions, and opening for Russell Peters at Rogers Arena (aka GM Place to me).

Listen to the episode right here, if you like. Or subscribe at iTunes and it'll just show up in your feed automatically. Or Stitcher, if that's how you roll. You've got options is all I'm saying.

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