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Monday, October 12, 2015

Podcast episode 400ish: Lauren McGibbon

Four-hundred episodes already? There have been a lot more than that over the years, but remember, we started this show before podcasts were a thing. When we finally joined the podcast revolution, I gathered together as many of the shows as I had to include them but I didn't get them all. Which is why I append the 'ish' after each number. It's a thing now in podcasting to count your episodes. I think it sounds a bit desperate or self-aggrandizing sounding, but I play along because it's what one does. Maybe I don't like it because there are lots of podcasts out there who started way after us who are already near, at or surpassed 400 episodes. Maybe we should work harder to be more consistent... Nah.

Anyway, I couldn't have lucked out with a more fun 400th episode. Lauren McGibbon, like all improviser guests, was great. We talked about her family history, which was a fascinating tale of violence and expulsion. She explained her obsessive need to research roles even if it's just for an acting class scene. And we talked about her brief standup career, brief flight attendant career, and her mom's career as a dancer on cheesy '70s TV variety shows.

Follow the link below to access the conversation. Or go download us somewhere. You know where. If you don't, let Google be your friend. Search "What's So Funny? podcast" or some variation on that. There you go. Thanks for listening!

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