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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Oct. 11: Robyn Edwards

Happy Thanksgiving! It's Thanksgiving, right? Or is it tomorrow? Either way, we're not taking the night off. We've got a live, human guest, one who's never graced our studios before. Robyn Edwards makes her What's So Funny? debut tonight. And she's the last of the regulars on Morgan Brayton and Hot Bitches in Charge show... No wait, that was her idea for the name of the show. It's actually Morgan Brayton and Other People. But she's got more on her plate than that. She's also an actor from an acting family (the Barrymores of Canada?) and a standup comedian, among many other talents she has. And we'll find out all about them tonight at 11 Vancouver time on 100.5 FM. Livestream us, if you will, at

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