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Friday, March 4, 2016

Podcast episode 415ish: Sara Bynoe

Almost caught up on the podcasts. Exciting, right? Here's the Sara Bynoe episode. Ms Bynoe is all over the Vancouver comedy scene like a dirty shirt. (Never quite understood that expression, but there you go.) She created, hosts and performs a ton of unique shows. I think we spend the first 20 minutes just going over all of them. We also talk about tap dancing, Puppy Bowl, partying clean, trying standup, partying with esteemed author Kliph Nesteroff, and being creeped out by Jian Ghomeshi long before his creepiness made front page news.

Have a listen, won't you? You can click on the gizmo below (if you see it on your browser) or go find us at iTunes or Stitcher or wherever fine podcasts are downloadable.

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