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Monday, February 29, 2016

Podcast episode 414ish: Chris James

Ready for another episode? Sure you are. There aren't enough podcasts to listen to. This one is from a month ago when Chris James came by. He brought a friend, too, who we speak to for a bit: Vishal Ramesh all the way from sunny India (now making his home in Vancouver). So we learn a bit about the Indian comedy scene and a lot more about Chris. We learn that's he's still a big bag of neuroses, for one thing. But who can blame the guy when you hear his personal horror story and how he's weaved it into comedy gold? We also play a clip from his brand new album. He did both the album and this episode in one take. What a pro.

Click below and hopefully that will start you on your way. Failing that, go find us on iTunes or Stitcher or somewhere like that.

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