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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Podcast episode 419ish: Caitlin Howden

A lovely chat with a lovely person on a lovely day. It all came together in this episode when I spoke with improviser extraordinaire Caitlin Howden on a park bench overlooking False Creek on a warm sunny day watching the world go by. She told me about being a dominating Grade 6 basketball player, breaking her coach's heart, having her Grade 9 improv teacher break Caitlin's heart, and Ian, her crush, breaking her heart. But there's more than heartbreak in this one. We talk about reality TV, the Sunday Service, Second City and other things you'll just have to download to hear. Caitlin recommends you go for a walk while listening to get the full outdoors effect.

You can start your journey by clicking on the gizmo below. But I think in order to be mobile, you'll need to go put this episode in your device at iTunes or Stitcher or someplace like that. Go now.

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