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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Podcast episode 421ish: Dino Archie

I love talking with Dino Archie, whether we record it or not. That's why I keep having him back. This is his fourth solo appearance on the show. Once he came on with Sunee Dahliwal. And another time he guest hosted for me. But he's never been hotter than he is right now. The guy's career is on fire. He just filmed a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Adam Devine's House Party. He won the Seattle Comedy Competition in November. He's got a new album coming out later this month called Settling Old Scores. And he's about to bring his VanCity Comedy Extravaganza to the River Rock Show Theatre stage (Saturday, April 30). This episode was recorded during the radio station's spring member drive (if you'd like to become a member or simply donate to the station, go to and click on 'donate'). When that happens, I usually edit out the pitches for the podcast. But because Dino jumped in and made them fun, I decided to keep them in.

Enjoy this one like I did. You can click on the gizmo below if your browser lets you see it. If not, head over to iTunes or Stitcher or a place like that and download us into your head.

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