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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug. 14: Tim Nutt

Tonight we finally get to talk to Tim Nutt. The veteran (some would say legendary) comic has been doing comedy since 1993 and started right here in Vancouver, yet he's never been on the show before. He was headlining the Comedy MIX this weekend and I spoke with him on Friday late afternoon in the showroom. You've seen him on Just For Laughs if you've ever watched Just For Laughs because he's done so many of them. He's toured the country with the Just For Laughs comedy caravan, too. He manages all these big gigs despite living in the comedy outpost of West Kelowna (or the dark side of the moon, as he puts it). He's also in the running for SiriusXM's Top Comic competition with 25 grand on the table. Go vote for your favourites. Tim hopes it's him but won't force you.

We're on 100.5 FM tonight at 11 pm in Vancouver. Tune in! You can livestream us at, too, if you'd rather.

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