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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Podcast episode 431ish: Jy Harris

I told you the podcasts would be coming fast and furious for the next little while. Two days after posting Simon King's episode, we've got Jy Harris for y'all! It had been six long years since Jy was last with us and he returned a new man. He's found peace in his personal life. Or at least is on a never-ending quest for it. The guy meditates, is a vegan, reads new-age spiritual books, and experiments with microdoses of psychedelics. All just to get over feeling the Bern for the last eight months. We also talk about his real-life Jerry Springer-like upbringing and real-life Jerry Springer experience. Julian Angel-Joynt also makes an appearance to recite a pretty cool slam poem.

Here you go. Start listening. And keep going until it ends.

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