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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Podcast episode 434ish: Brett Martin

Brett Martin's talk show premiered at Yuk Yuk's on Sunday, September 11, i.e. before we recorded this episode. But I believe it'll be a monthly show so you can still check it out. And if the next one is anything like the first, get your tickets early. The place was packed! I was impressed with the show. It had everything you want in a talk show: a band, a sidekick, crummy monologue jokes, prepared bits, and interesting guests (an Olympic bronze medalist, a comedy reviewer – ahem! –, a freak show, a comedian, and a wrestler). Good times.

But I'm here to talk about this latest podcast episode. Sure, we talked about the upcoming (now past) talk show, but we also talked about Brett's varied career. Did you know he ran for mayor of Calgary when he was in his early 20s? He also worked at the Calgary Sun despite not graduating from high school. And we end with a Trivial Pursuit smackdown. More good times.

Here's the episode in its sweet entirety. You can also go download it at iTunes or Stitcher and the like.

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