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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Podcast episode 432ish: Tim Nutt

The hits just keep on comin'. This episode features the great Tim Nutt, one of the country's top headliners. That he manages this feat being based in West Kelowna is remarkable. He explains it here. We also talk about the Sirius Comedy Competition, but the voting for that is over now. Spoiler alert: Tim didn't advance. It tells you something either about the level of talent in the country or the competition itself that Nutt, John Beuhler, and Chuck Byrn didn't make it to the next level. Any one of those three in any given year could win the whole thing, yet here they are on the outside looking in. I really hate competitions. But that's neither here nor there. We talk about other things, too, including the problem with open mics, human rights commissions, and parenting today.

I give you my permission to start listening right now by offering you this gizmo below. You may also go off on your own to find it and download it on iTunes or Stitcher or elsewhere. Go now in peace.

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